...cosa meglio di questo quadro di Dalì esprime ciò che voglio rappresentarvi.../ ... what better than this Dali painting expresses what I want to represent you .....

mercoledì 2 marzo 2011

....Class is not water.....

.... But a wonderful scent ......... Aventus by Creed...
A fragrance calibrated to a thousandth of a milliliter,
sensuous experience and high class.

You immediately feel the scent of luxury, personality, initiative, and this is that, just to celebrate a famous advertising phrase, is the man who does not ask anything, that should not prove nothing but his own personality by choosing something really High class.
I can not say "art" because the word “art” of perfumery join other names, but certainly a perfectly balanced scent, Creed-style, which certainly never goes out of his way and now traced the success established, very English, where English mean with an eye to tradition, only excess granted to this fragrance, slightly fruity touch of pineapple, but in a very elegant, very "bon ton".
I do not feel a very youthful fragrance, although the pineapple above, but for a man between 35 and 50, said, sure of himself and maybe he comes from one Bentley impeccable full dress informally by tailoring.
The opening notes remind me a bit 'Fahrenheit by Dior, but just a moment, to become more fruit, unripe fruit and juicy on the mouillette prevails a hint of apple, on skin (mine) is quieter, slightly
patchouli camphor perhaps linked to the rose and the jasmine in the heart notes. Speaking of roses and jasmine would be reminded of the classic matches for a feminine perfume, but here's Jasmine gives his notes darker, more secret, those who know of soil and roots. This shady jasmine (probably absolute) matches perfectly with a warm, sensual base of musk and ambergris, the olfactory pyramid indicated by Creed is also mentioned vanilla, but I do not feel it as if maybe give more support for same amber light.
It 's a fragrance, like many of the rest, which certainly will appeal to women, whether the feeling on a man, is to wear them directly.
Irresistible, voluptuous, sensual, magnetic.
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