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venerdì 5 agosto 2011

.......finally I have decided....

Yes after months of snorted and various tests on my skin .... I decided I must write something ... I can not refrain from speaking, it is this:
L' Antimatière, Isabelle Doyen for LES NEZ, something really unexpected, a time bomb, the Big Bang from which everything is born and expands indefinitely as long as its maximum expansion implodes on itself, generating other galaxies.

Isabelle has created a veritable alchemy, giving birth to his genius, "the uroboros," the snake devouring itself and gives birth to itself.
It's a particular fragrance, composed only by base notes, there are no flowers, no spices ... but only heavy and powerful molecules, with low vibrations, making a comparison with the sound, these vibrations are not we perceive with our ears, but directly with the body, belly, ... and that upset you, intrigue you, attract you because you want to know more, or reject you because you are afraid of the unknown.
It's crazy how this fragrance ... I would describe as a "smell", personally attracts me like a magic flute; heavy molecules as  animal musk, ambergris, oak moss; feel lonely for some time that it is sprayed on the skin, even those who use it after a while 'do not feel anymore, but warn others because little by little this smellig "ghost" permeates the air all around for several hours (on muillette lasts months! and I think it does the same thing about clothes).
It's a little salted smell, animal, is the smell that stays in a room after a night of "sex".
I do not know what she thought when the Doyen imagined this fragrance before bring it to life ....., but I would really like to know.
Isabelle is a genius, I think this "smell" may even be able to make interesting also a  water smelling like "Anais Anais" by Cacharel (although I have appointed him because the vintage was using for a while by my sister and I remember this so trivial and impersonal).
In the sense that if you bought a perfume that does not convince you too much, try to spray, as the basis for your own perfume, a puff of this L' Antimatière, I think in most cases can make some magic.
A praise at LES NEZ for having the courage to produce it.

Let me give you an invitation, if anyone knows or uses this scent, leave a comment, I would be very curious to hear your impressions.
Of course, I also invite Isabelle Doyen in case she want to responding at my personal curiosity expressed in the post.
Thank you.

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