...cosa meglio di questo quadro di Dalì esprime ciò che voglio rappresentarvi.../ ... what better than this Dali painting expresses what I want to represent you .....

venerdì 18 marzo 2011

.... ALIENS are between us.....

l'Eau de Serge Lutens is the proof!!!!
A "polymorphic" perfume, a fragrance from another dimension, not a soul of its own, but many souls.
A strange substance, which becomes what it touches ....., or better becomes the smell of the same thing (or person) on which is applied .....

Example: do you spray it on a light pole? It will be the smell of the light pole,  will not be a fragrant light pole!
Joking apart, it is really something fascinating, never built before, does not follow the classic olfactory pyramid head / heart / base, but rather is like a piano keyboard, then a horizontal row of many "olfactory" notes and will be our skin to make heard a set of notes  than others.
On muillette is a sparkle of notes from the metal and crystal tone, a cocktail of carefully structured aldehydes ,
smells of laundry washed and left to dry in the warm wind
spring, a baby who has just had a bath and is lovingly massaged with
moisturizer oil by his mother , could also be the smell of the interior of a car just left the factory; a virgin, clean, immaculate smell.
On the skin ..... is a chameleon, I did try one of my co-worker too fond of fragrances , and on her after a few minutes you feel a note like oxidized copper ,I say oxidized copper because  I remember that particular flavor /smell  when you empirically tried the good  evidence of a battery by touching the pole with the tongue and depending on the intensity of the "itch" you could see what could be charged, this simple operation but also allow its characteristic sourish taste on the tongue.
Here exactly what (try it yourself with a 9 volt battery).
Other hand on my skin, it takes over a woody fragrance, a smell that reminds me of the stationery in my country (Testona, village of Moncalieri near Turin, stationery Berruto NDR), and I remember the smell of new pencils and notebooks.
I love this sensation , and this particular chameleon makes me want to also sprinkle on some other "guinea pig", I'd like to know if any of you have got to try to compare the effects.
Thanks to Mariangela from Spoleto!!
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