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sabato 5 febbraio 2011

A lighting meeting....

the one with the book "Le Parfum" by Edmond Roudnitska I suggest if you feel like you follow me in an interesting and exciting read for those who want to know something more of this "fragrant", apparently mysterious world for only a few "chosen" people; is not the case at all and anyone who says it is now no more, but by all the experts is considered the  greatest Maitre Parfumeur the twentieth century,      Edmond  Roudnitska.                     

Free translation from French to English, in translation was not taken into account any "sayings" or specific "slang" unknown to me, so take it as it is and good (interesting) reading!

by Edmond Roudnitska Master Perfumer of the twentieth century


There is no doubt that the scent will be written a number of inaccuracies.
For two reasons: 1) six (?) Great composers of the past that could clarify the doubts have remained silent for too much  esotericism, to difficulty in expressing themselves clearly, but also for fear of being robbed;
2) most of those who have written of perfume were not qualified to do it or have used wrong sources.
An incredible amount of prejudice established themselves for more time, a true mythology of the perfume has distorted the public mind as to want to hide the truth, although so good.
So we must to do a hard climb. We will do it with an ardent faith in the expressive value of building a better bouquet, with the love of a profession that has been all my life and with the experience of seventy years of efforts in this area.
We will focus therefore in showing the true face of a perfume so strange. Unknown to those who love it, especially strange to lawyers and legislators who have never been closer to my creations and have never been lavished to defend them from looters. This situation can not continue without causing the death of creation itself. This book among other purposes, the conviction that no less than works within sight and hearing, smell good is affected by the law of March 11, 1957 (in France) on artistic property, and that only the application of this strict law that will protect it from plagiarism will make the situation irreversible.
The scents are also part of our cultural and artistic heritage, we must encourage and support those who are the real creators.
The profession is dominated, with few exceptions,by  the spirit of profit rather than taste and sense of beauty, it has lost its creative power.


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