...cosa meglio di questo quadro di Dalì esprime ciò che voglio rappresentarvi.../ ... what better than this Dali painting expresses what I want to represent you .....

giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

Delight ... to my nose ... and my memories ..

Andy Tauer Incense Extreme ...
... Something different, not surprisingly conventional  dream, the best dress that incense  may have to avoid falling in the obvious incense burning in the censer  of ecclesiastical functions.
Andy Tauer has created a fragrance to enhance the incense and evoke the landscape where Bosvellia Serrata  born and lives, the tree whose resinous exudations of the trunk give rise to incense.
It create in me childhood memories ... I find myself to be screened in the  upholsterer laboratory of my maternal grandfather, a place full of strong odors, resins, rubbers, solvents, that my grandfather used, heated and mixed together to obtain adhesives and coatings for wood or glue for fabrics and trimmings that adorn antiques.
I still remember a special glue that prepared with water, flour, garlic and sugar together with a color of amber resin flakes and balsamic smell, the whole warmed over a gas flame, stirring continuously and once served ready to paste heavy trim trimmings for chairs or sofas important.
At first glance this is what I feel, are the first notes that arrive at the nose, hints of lavender and petit grain together to incense materialize this memory, but little by little the laboratory of my grandfather disappears to make room to incense made less "balsamic" by the rhizome of the iris softens a bit, it is more creamy, less acrid, remains always the only “etoile”  beginning to end, one end on a bed of cedar wood and amber that much
which is enough to lay it on the skin like silk sheets.
It 's a universal fragrance, as I have repeatedly stated, a perfume has its own life and his own mode of expression, depends on us doing our own, love him or hate him.
This remains a splendid performance, worthy of note .....
and testing.
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