...cosa meglio di questo quadro di Dalì esprime ciò che voglio rappresentarvi.../ ... what better than this Dali painting expresses what I want to represent you .....

sabato 23 luglio 2011

..... the subtle essence of strength ...

SHARIF, the new Salaam Attar creation
the thin strength of a desert man, a noble man, proud, resolute and with a great soul in tune with nature and with fellow human beings, this is what inspired this fragrance

 A calibrated setting, fascinating, mysterious  as the black and deep eyes of a young Berber scanning the horizon of the desert. A young man of today with solid principles, that look at the future with determination and tenacity in the respect of his peers and the world that hosts it.
The fragrance is a hymn to the mysterious and "magic" power of resins and precious woods, that ancient essences that have made the history of perfume, which have accompanied man in his ritual acts to strengthen the spirit and soul since ancient times.
Frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, perhaps a hint of basil (herb of kings) and benzoin; and then amber to enclose in a box this precious gift from God.
 The opening notes may have something of "medicinal", but immediately shows the class and sophistication; on muilette evolves quite quickly leaving space to a balmy heart enough "dry" (as the desert wind), we feel eucalyptus and frankincense, to evolve further in the notes of leather entailing in an ambergris just sweet and smoky, and gradually becomes more dense, and so remains in all its majesty.
Even I feel the same sensation on the skin, only the developmental process is a tad faster, but it means nothing.
What I can say is that those who stood by me, since this morning to this evening, has not remained unaffected by SHARIF (its projection is excellent), the only sin if it really must be said, is its duration, which (being a purely natural fragrance) is not excessive, but it is definitely of secondary importance compared to the mastery of composition and pleasant of to have on the skin a work of art! 
Vivid congratulations to the perfumers composer  Mr. Dubrana. 

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