...cosa meglio di questo quadro di Dalì esprime ciò che voglio rappresentarvi.../ ... what better than this Dali painting expresses what I want to represent you .....

martedì 24 maggio 2011

Question: "Can you to be touched smelling a perfume ?"....

The answer is definitely "Yes. "
It is possible, BARRY LYNDON of  Maria Candida Gentile has had this effect on me.
We can not remain indifferent to that other poem, another page of high school, yet another olfactory gift from  the "poetess" of the scent.


A discrete fragrance, masculine, gentle, but of a unattainable depth.
I was moved as could make it a great song of Mimì ( Mia Martini ), like reading a good book, watching a movie, taste a particular food or touch a precious material.
His green soul brought me to the vision of a tree at the bottom of my garden, a weeping willow planted in a particular time with an important person for me, a tree with whom sometime I speak or I caress his thick green hair ....... 
(am I crazy?) :-)
I was inebriated by his opening slightly spicy, and then hatched in a deep green heart, bright, subtly rendered dusty by a hint of  lavender, not even a lavender spike, perhaps only lavender leaves to make sense just camphor, used sparingly as you use with the salt in a dish.
This gift of God lies down gently on a vetiver base just softened by notes of vanilla and leather.
As I said, a discreet scent, but with personality that will surely capture the attention also of the female public, or otherwise sensitive "noses" ...that do not like the noise, but rejoice in a whisper.
Maria Candida Gentile, you're great, great, great ....

Maria Candida Gentile
Thank you!!!!
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